July 6, 2023

The Big One Twins Birthday Party

These photos are definitely different then my usual blog post. First, I'm showing you pictures from a birthday party. Second, the party is actually the birthday party for my 6 year old and twin boys. Third (and most surprising,) these photos are the dreaded iPhone photos! Yes! I'm a photographer and I still take a lot of photos on my phone! When I'm hired to photograph a birthday party I bring my camera, multiple lenses, and flash. However, when I'm hired to be a photographer for a birthday party that's all I am. I'm not the mother of the child (or children) being celebrated, the party planner, the coordinator, the chef, or the host that's responsible for making sure everyone is having a good time. Moms usually wear a lot of hats during a birthday party (and all the time.) It was easier for me to use the camera that I usually have in my pocked and keep my professional camera safely in the bag so I could do all of the things that moms due for their kids birthday party. But just because I was using an iPhone does't mean that I did't use my knowledge as a photographer to get the best picture possible!

Here are a few tips to make your photos look a little more professional:

1) Always look for your light source! Sunlight will always look best so use your window light! If you can, turn off all the lights and just use the window light. It's usually best to shoot with a window behind you or to the side. To prevent harsh shadows on one side of your subject make sure there is a white (or lightly colored neutral) wall on the other side. If your walls are another color you can create the same effect with a white sheet, poster, etc.

2) The portrait mode on your iPhone gives great background blur to your images and gives them a great professional look. However, in poor lighting this setting uses a slower shutter speed so if your subject moves it could cause some blur. Save this setting for subjects old enough to stay still and situation with good lighting.

3) Get on the same level as whatever you are photographing.

4) Remember to do a quick edit before you post! This doesn't have to take a lot of time and came be done on your phone. You are't looking for perfection but I fast crop and straightening your photos can make a big difference. If you want to take some more time you can edit a few more things. Increasing the exposure and shadows slightly can be a good way to brighten up your photos! The temperature setting is also a good thing to tweak if your shin tones look too pale or orange.

Continue reading for more information about the party!

Can I help you with your child's birthday party? You can contact me with questions using the form on my website!

A question a lot of moms ask is: What should the theme of my baby's (or babies for fellow twin moms) birthday be? There is a lot of pressure around your child's first birthday party and for a lot of people the first one especially! I wanted to keep the birthday party for my sons as simple as possible. Does that mean it was a stress-free event? Absolutely not! Like everyone else I was rushing to get everything done before guests arrived. But I have to say, everything worked out perfectly and I was able to enjoy my sons birthday and wasn't just the planner and coordinator for the day.

My twin boys were turning one and my son was turning 6 a week later so I decided to combine the celebrations into one party. My husband wanted a Finding Nemo themed birthday party for the twins. One of our babies discovered Finding Nemo and Finding Dory in the hospital. He had multiple surgeries/hospital stays and the movies really helped get his attention away from pain and discomfort during some of those times.

As much as these movies became a staple in our house, I had a vision in my head of simple and neutral colors. Nothing overwhelming or cluttered. To achieve both I included a few Finding Nemo themed items. My favorite of these items were the Finding Dory glasses that I attached to the drink dispenser. The dispenser was filled with blue Hawaiian Punch and I had shark straws (Target) and shark gummies (Target) that kids could add to their drinks!

And because we are on the subject of drinks.....moms have to drink too right? One of my favorite places in Atlanta, GA serves fish bowls and I used to love them. I decided to make them for the party in individual sized fish bowls that people didn't have to share! I didn't expect many people to be interested but they were a huge hit! Turns out, I'm not the only mom who enjoys a margarita!

I love Nothing Bundt Cakes so I decided to get a large one, two Bundtlets for the smash cakes, and two dozed Bundtinis! The cake toppers and cakes stands made them look party ready! For food, we made it easy and offered a spinach dip, fruit, sandwiches, and Chick-fil-A nuggets.

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